exercise reduces risk

How Good is Running for one’s Health

One of the best natural exercises for a human being is running and if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link59″).style.display=”none”;} this has resulted in a great gambling impact on the improvement of health of many people. There are a lot of benefits which are benefitted to...
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Stay Healthy with Dhokla – Ingredients & Procedure

You need to eat healthy food in order to stay healthy and fit and hence you should go through some healthy Indian food options. You should decide to eat healthy food instead of consuming bland or sweet oats, cornflake s and other such food. There are a number of healthy Indian foods recommended by dieticians...
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Back Pain – Reasons & Remedies

What is Backache? It is the pain which one undergoes on the back due to sedentary lifestyle, bad sitting posture, stress and depending on technology on excessive levels. These silly reasons lead to horrible and constant backache. According to experts, the problems related to back pain can be eradicated...
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tattoo infection bacteria

Tattoos Can Lead to Bacterial Infection by Rashes

You’ve got a new tattoo made on a part of the body and unfortunately you end up with a rash right there. What should you do? Do not take it easy and do not brush it off thinking it an allergic reaction or thinking of getting remedy. According to the documents of various studies conducted in the Rochester,...
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food tips

12 Nutrition Tips for You to Stay Healthier

Nutrition in proper ways and amounts are essential for the betterment of one’s health or to stay healthy. Many people around the globe carry out different measures of nutrition in order to maintain their physical health. As you might know, September 1 to -7 is a special occasion and is called as the...
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urinary tract infection

Tips for Women to Combat Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

A large number of women are affected by Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and as a matter of fact, it is the 2nd major reason for women to visit physicians. This infection is caused because of the harmful bacteria which enters the urethra and stick to the lining of the urinary tract. These bacteria lead...
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liver protect

Monoclonal Antibody Called HCV1 to Block HCV from Infecting Liver Cells

Scientists declare to have come up with a monoclonal antibody therapy that protects one from the infection caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV). This therapy prevents the infection by jamming the capability of the virus to enter into the liver live cells. According to the researchers, this human monoclonal...
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hema malini

Smile is the Key Factor that Makes you Look Younger

Most of the women depend on face-lift and anti-ageing creams in order to stay young and look younger. But according to a study, it is found that a smile is worth a lot as the smile is the key factor to remain younger than an individual’s actual age. The German researchers say that a simple smiling...
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ten must

10 Essential Tips to Live longer and Stronger

There are a lot of things you do and put efforts in order to live a longer and healthy life and this is especially done by the disease suffering people. People who suffer from various diseases search for treatments and treat themselves according to their diseases by going to doctors, physicians, etc....
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women strength

Best Fitness Secrets for Women – Cardio Respiratory Exercises & Strength Training Exercises

In order to get better fitness, women probably get accessed to fitness trends, gossips and have unusual diets to get fit. But according to a trainer named Irene McCormick women surrendering to pop culture should stop doing that and this will grant them with greater strength and better muscles as she...
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