‘Itchy Feet’- Not Just an Impulse to Travel but Much More

Itching on feet is not just a restless or strong desire to travel but much more. The itchiness is a skin infection that leads to inflammation and urge you to scratch and itch the area with nails or whatever you que ea viagra get near your hand. This itchy condition is most probably observed on hands and feet, but we are here to talk about feet itchiness. Itching of feet is a common condition that can happen to any person, in any age and anywhere. The condition is not seen on skin but the cause is deep canadian pharmacy with prescription within.


The itching disease is categorized into three stages i.e. mild, constant and severe on feet and toes too. The inflammation of feet pushes for scratching and itching continuously. The continual scratching will make things worse. So, it is advice to visit the dermatologist if you observe any sign of itchiness constantly for 2-3 days. Nonetheless, there may be other symptoms accompanied with the above symptoms like ringworm or metabolic diseases such as diabetes etc. If you have sensitive skin then excess scratching can lead to bleeding.

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Causeitchy feet

Any kinda bacterial or fungal infection can cause itching of feet, but the main reason is sweating of feet. The person who wear socks or full shoes for longer period of time can have itchy feet. Few people are very carless and don’t maintain hygiene will likely to have itchy feet. If you are feeling uncomfortable in wearing shoes but wearing against wish can cause itchiness. There are other named diseases which you might have come across and if not then check it out.

Athlete’s Foot- It is also known as tinea pedis which is cause due to fungal infection of foot skin and is highly communicative.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis- It is most common allergic where the reaction occurs in 48-72 hours after exposure.

Pitted Keratolysis- Extreme sweating causes tiny cavities over the soles of the feet and this condition is called keratolysis which cause feet to itch.

Sweaty Sock Syndrome- This is the condition where the skin becomes red and scaly. It is typically seen among small children and young teenagers.

Scabies- The mites are responsible for itchy feet at night. This is very contagious and intense itching may develop blisters.

Home Remedies

One can treat its itchy feet at home by following the remedies given online pharmacy canada below:

  1. If you have mild itchy feet then squeeze one lemon in water and soak your feet at night before going to bed will kill all the fungi and bacteria that cause bad odor as well as itching.
  2. Add baking taking viagra at 18 soda to 15-20 drops of water, make a paste and rub the mixture on affected area. Cover the total feet and leave it for 10 minutes then rinse with antibacterial soap and wash properly. Dry it and apply baby powder to avoid moisture.
  3. Listerine wash will kill the foot fungus, but it will sting and burn during process, so be ready to absorb the
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    pain inside you. If you are weak hearted then opt this remedy.

  4. Using hydrogen peroxide can viagra experiences first time be effective in many cases but avoid in sever itching of feet.
  5. Take 10 teaspoon of morton salt (Made in U.S.A) in 2 liters warm water, soak your feet for 8-10 minutes daily until the itchy feet

    problem vanishes. Actually the salt will attack the fungi and keep those coming back.


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