5 Ways to Rejuvenate Metabolism in Men

Every man wants to look smart and desire to have a perfect body with superlative metabolism. Few men work hours on the treadmill day after day but the weight seems to be as it was earlier, and there’s nothing they can do to shift that mulish fat. This really put impact on their lifestyle and grow quarrelsome tendency. If you are fitness freak, exercise everyday and has perfect gyming body then you only need is to rejuvenate your metabolism. Improving the burning metabolic process and losing weight fast must

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be a man’s mission. In addition to the line I just said, there are five simple ways to rejuvenate or revitalize in men’s metabolism.

Say Yes to Milkrejuvenate metabolism in men

Dairy product-‘milk’ is an inescapable part of human diet. It has high nutritive value with energy, protein, calcium, water and much more. It is mandatory to have a glass of milk in morning or at night to fill up the deficiency of calcium and increase the metabolism. Research has been done and anticipated that consuming dairy food including low fat milk, low fat curd or yogurt will trim down the fat absorption from other foods. It is not only advised to children and women but men must also include milk as a daily dose to boost up their metabolic rate.


Iron is indispensable because it produces hemoglobin which in RBC carries the oxygen and supplies to body’s tissue. Unlike calcium, which is already found in your body, iron can only be gained from food. Food that contains iron includes spinach, fish, shellfish, beans, lean meats and more. If you don’t have enough iron which is recommended to have 30mg (approx) daily then you can’t able to restock the store, develop low energy and a drooping metabolism. It is often found that men continuously consume iron without knowing the amount that their body actually requires, triggers heart diseases. It is advised to get this essential mineral in natural doses from real foods then opting for supplements.

Have D

Vitamin D is also much essential like iron which preserve metabolism-rewing muscle tissue. It has been estimated by American researchers that 20% of US people have enough vitamin D through their diet, but rest 80% are recommended to have vitamin D as a daily dose which is about 400 IU (3.5 oz). The foods which are rich in D are salmon, tuna, cereals, fortified milk etc.

Munch on Melons

It has been studied that munching on melons in large amount will promote weight

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loss as it contains amino acid arginine. Researchers examined on obese mice with arginine for 3 months and surprised to see the results. The body fat which was gained enormously which is about 64 percent had decreased. If amino acid is added to diet then it will surely improve the oxidation of fat and glucose and amplify lean muscles. This will also burn fat and more than that calorie will get burnt which actually a men needs. You can choose seafood, nuts and seeds instead of watermelons.

Keep on Hydrated

Drinking water will rejuvenate the metabolism as it has been studied by University of

Utah. According to their study the

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people who drank 8 oz of water had higher metabolic rate than the people drank 4 oz of water. If you are dehydrated, you will possibly burn up to 2 % less calories because the body’s chemical reaction incorporates your metabolism and depend on water.

You are in charge of your metabolism and to maintain the rejuvenated state follow the above points. If you have your ways to rejuvenate the metabolism then do reply us through comments.

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